Nothing Added –
Except An Extra Year In The Barrel

Santo Spirits announces the fifth expression in its award-winning portfolio of ultra-premium agave spirits with the rollout of Santo Tequila Añejo. Produced by a third-generation distiller at the 86-year-old El Viejito distillery in Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco, Santo Tequila Añejo is crafted using time-honored methods focused on preserving the heritage of bold agave flavor from when tequila was first made in Mexico centuries ago.

From the carefully-selected yeast, to the two-stage low and slow cooking method, to the precise distillation cuts, the entire Santo production process is tuned towards preserving the traditional flavor of agave-forward tequila. Reinforcing this standard is the fact that Santo Tequila Anejo – like all Santo tequilas – is 100% additive free, meaning nothing is added to mask the agave flavor or to cover for using bitter, under-aged agaves or shorter aging periods in inferior casks.

Crafted to
Exacting Standards

Santo Tequila Añejo is distilled from 100% Blue Weber Agave – both estate-grown and sourced from the highest-quality suppliers in the Highlands region. The agaves are cooked using traditional stone ovens – employing a low pressure and slow cooking method that optimizes the deep, earthy flavor of sweet agave. To meet the team’s exacting standards, Santo Tequila Añejo is aged for an average of 24 months in former American Whiskey oak casks. That additional maturation allowed the liquid to reach a perfect flavor profile – with that copper hue renowned among aged spirits.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, the new añejo delivers aromas of clove, grapefruit peel and golden pineapple anchored in tobacco resin and soft, creamy vanilla. Silky on the palate, and equally dimensional and bright in color and clarity, Santo Tequila Añejo, has a full and long-lasting finish led by peppery cedar, dried desert sage and juicy, green melon.


Helmed by tequila visionary and legendary rocker Sammy Hagar and culinary luminary Guy Fieri, Santo Spirits is committed to showcasing old world style tequilas that harken back to the precision and craftsmanship renowned among Mexican tequileros. As partners, friends and impresarios in their respective fields, Sammy and Guy bring authentic tequila and culinary credentials to the Santo brand.


Santo Tequila Añejo joins the full portfolio with a bold
and elegant new look.
  • Premium Package
  • Embossing and Etching
  • Weighted Base
  • Easy To Grip and Pour
  • Elevated Closure
  • Gold Foil
  • Enhanced Readability


  • 80 Proof
  • $74.98 MSRP
  • Bottle UPC – 7 87440 37602 4
  • Case UPC – 1 07 87440 37602 1
  • NABCA Number – 499-87796-75
  • Shipper Dimensions 11” W x 9.625” T x 7.25” D
  • Bottle Dimensions 3.43” x 3.43” x 8.99”


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